Have you been trying for years to get a 6-pack abs? The unfortunate truth is that you’ve probably been doing it wrong all along. You don’t need all of the fancy equipment in the gym to get the abs you’ve always wanted. According to Marc Pierre, a world-renowned personal trainer at the Surf Club in Miami Beach, you only need four moves that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Sounds too easy right? What’s his secret ingredient for getting results faster? Sand.

Sand challenges your stability and forces you to maintain balance during your exercises. Pierre says,”try increasing your muscle reaction and core stability in a sand environment with the heat from the sand relaxing your muscles for a better range of motion.”

Are you ready to train your core with sand and his recommendations? Here’s how:

1. Plank rotations

In addition to an ab workout, plan rotations can burn some fat on your shoulders and your arms. Your core has to stabilize your body in order for you to do this exercise. “Start in the plank position and switch to a one-handed push-up. Use the free arm to go under your stomach,” says Pierre. “Reach that hand straight to the sky until it stacks above the other shoulder.” You’re targeting your core and toning your shoulders when you put your hand under your stomach. While on the sand, this exercise is best while using a yoga mat for stability. (3 sets, 10 on each side)

2. Bicycles

It’s pretty standards but great for building abdominal strength and toning your thighs at the same time. For many people, they choose bicycling because its easy for most people to attempt. “Lie flat on the ground with both hands behind your head with your shoulder blades slightly off the ground. Bring your elbow to the opposite side of your knee and repeat on the other side like your riding a bicycle,” Pierre says. (4 sets of 20)

modified Russian twists with marc pierre

3. Modified Russian twists

This is a great core exercise that works the obliques. Most ab excursuses don’t get enough rotation to get your sides. Russian twists are perfect for this. “Sit down with your legs off the ground and knees bent. Put your hands together and perpendicular with your body,” says Pierre. “Twist your torso in one direction nd repeat for the other side. For the best results, go fast or hold for a couple seconds on each side. To relieve stress on your back, sit in a more upright position while you do this move. (4 sets of 15 on each side)

4. Toe Touches

Toe touches, believe it or not, will give you the most power out of a core workout. While laying flat on your back with your legs straight up int eh air, lift your hand overhead and touch your toes. Make sure to not do it with a jerking motion or you may put stress on your lower back. Resume the position and repeat on the other side. “Athletes enhance toe touches by doing them diagonally instead of straight, which creates more torque in the core,” says Pierre. (3 sts of 10 touches on each side)

So there you have it. Four exercises to get you a 6-pack in no time! Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below.

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