There are many choices to make in this world, yet why should you spend too much time thinking about your underwear? As a guy, your day either starts or ends in your underwear (or not). We’ve decided to go ahead and make that choice easier. With fashion and styles always changing, the majority of men out there are still holding onto the conventional styles such as boxer shorts and the dreadful tighty whities.

Why are men so much slower to get out of the old fashion underwear and slip into some other style? I’m sure you’d like to know the happiness that boxer briefs can provide over loose boxers or short, tight briefs. For men who have no idea how boxer briefs can change their lives, this is the right place for you.

The history of men's underwear. Boxer shorts vs boxer briefs

If you look good on the outside, then you’ll feel more confident.

The 1990s and early 2000s were a time of baggy jeans and clothing. This translated over to even our underwear under clothing being baggy. However, that look is really bad. The worst is when a guy has half of their underwear sticking out of his jeans. It can look like a adult diaper. Nowadays, fashion has evolved into tighter clothing that shows off the body of the man or woman. Without being too constrictive and unappealing like tighty whities or spacious like boxers, the best of both worlds style gives you that look that feels good while under straight jeans or formal wear. If you want to see the full lineup of men’s underwear that we don’t cover in this article, head over to Men’s Health. You might be surprised with what you find.

Everything stays in one place. So long boxer shorts.

You may have heard this before, but it’s true! The best part of boxer briefs is that everything stays in the same place no matter what you’re doing throughout the day. You can play sports and exercise freely without worry about your junk flopping around.

Boxer briefs from Junkhouse in the desert

Very sophisticated – for troubled times

You may not think about this, but it does happen. Boxer briefs are great for those times when you can’t control your junk or make it stop. Mishaps happen. When it does, you’ll have to face the problems while wearing boxer shorts. Nonetheless, boxer briefs are sophisticated ones for the times when you need to strip down to your skivvies. You’ll have more control and style when those unexpected times come. The style would be able to cover you in the best possible way and save you the embarrassment. You know what we mean right?

Support that never ditches you

What is more supportive than boxer briefs? When you thought briefs lacked the comfort and boxers lacked the support, the retrospective style was born. Regular boxers are too short and leave you prone to rashes and chaffing (during long activities) which boxer briefs save you from. This is very common amongst most men and very uncomfortable to deal with. Hence, the support provided by boxer briefs does what its suppose to do and holds things in place while giving you a fashionable piece of menswear that conforms to your body.

The best comfort in boxer briefs for adventure

Comfort that lasts forever

People once thought that baggy boxer shorts were suppose to be comfortable. It was made to believe like you were not wearing any. However, when you pair that with jeans, you get a very uneasy feeling. Wedgies that you have to fix throughout the day isn’t fun, and neither is boxers sticking halfway out your pants. Our boxer briefs at Junkhouse are made with from fabrics such as recycled poly elastane from Italy and organically sourced spun cellulose bamboo fibers from Micro Asia. Our boxer briefs are smooth to the touch and fit perfectly when you put them on. We promise they are the most comfortable pair you have ever worn or your money back!

What do you prefer? Boxers or boxer briefs. Let us know in the comments below.


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