What’s your style of Junk?

We carry several different lines of apparel to fit your everyday needs.

Warrior Collection

The warrior collection boxer briefs are inspired by the bold and courageous men and women serving in the United States Military. This collection is made up of the different branches of the U.S. Military and can be personalized even more to match the insignia of your current division. Our military boxer briefs were created for the warrior inside of you.

Go Collection

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you like to adventure out to unknown parts of the world? Well, we got a boxer brief collection just for you! Each boxer brief is printed with a graphic to fit your extreme lifestyle. Whether you like climb to the top of Mount Everest or explore the deepest depths below the sea, we know who you are. Don’t see a collection you like? Create your own perfect pair by clicking here! The possibilities are endless.

Vintage Collection

Our vintage collection boxer briefs were made for the regular guy that wants to add some fresh style to his wardrobe. Our silky smooth vintage boxer briefs are soft to the touch, so you can get on with what the day has in store for you. Feel like a million bucks wearing under a suite or just feel more comfortable while you work from your desk. No matter the situation, the vintage collection has your back!

Hero Collection

Our hero collection boxer briefs were made for our local heroes at home serving our community. These are the ones we count on to help rescue us in emergency situations. The first responders deserve their own line of boxer briefs, so we have created them. Thank you for your service!