We have created the very first military boxer briefs exclusively for active duty personnel and veterans. Welcome to the Warrior Collection! Our Warrior Collection is fabricated from the finest organic and recyclable materials to ensure a comfortable fit every time. Each pair is constructed right here the USA, the greatest country on earth. Our products are not outsourced to foreign factories, as we do not support illegal or cheap labor. Our products are produced by the people in the country in which we live in. That’s what separates us from the “big guys” out there that produce a mediocre product at low costs.

warrior collection boxer briefs military

Boxer Briefs Made Exclusively for our Soldiers

Inspired by the four branches of the U.S. Military, the Warrior Collection aims to appeal to all personnel that are currently or have currently served. Using camouflage to match the Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army, our boxer briefs are customizable right down to the patch that goes on the leg. Every Warrior Collection pair starts with a olive green fabric and the option to include a insignia and camouflage band. Don’t want a insignia and would rather keep it simple? Go for our plain olive green briefs and Junkhouse Black band. Want to get even more creative than the military pairs you see on our website? Go to Junkhouse Customs and add your own image to your shorts for even more style.

military walking on harbor deck

Boxer Briefs for a Cause. Support our Troops and their Families.

Our Warrior Collection creates a unique experience for our troops and their families. Standing behind our military, we’ve dedicated this line to the brave warriors of our country. Get a pair to tell your personal journey and stand tall above all. The military branches are the arms to our country and without them, we wouldn’t have freedom to become entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, salesmen, etc.

The best part is that each pair of boxer briefs you purchase on our site, goes back to helping our favorite nonprofit – Adaptive Adventures. Adaptive Adventures aims to improve quality of life for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities and their families. We believe that in order to truly be successful in a business, we have to give back to those that helped us get here. After seeing what the team over at Adaptive Adventures, we truly believe what they’re doing is making the world a better place to live and explore daily. Get your pair today and make a difference!

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